labor relations

Waar zit de werknemersmacht in koopjestijden?

Amazon-warenhuiswerkers, Bpost-postbodes, Carrefour-kassiersters, en platform-economie koeriers: samen onder druk.

19th century Leuven: industrialisation, social class-dynamics, and architecture

The industrialization of Leuven in the 19th century was accompanied by rising tensions between social classes. The results of these tensions are still visible in Leuven throughout its architecture and spatial structure, as well as the still-existing …

What is a labor market? Sociological and theoretical approaches

We present, discuss and compare four different theoretical approaches to the idea of a labor market, with a focus on how sociological approaches differ from mainstream economic treatment of labor markets and their issues. Topics discussed include …

Inspraak: van Dorpstraat naar werkvloer

Recent onderzoek toont dat werknemers qua inspraak vooral op hun kin moeten kloppen.

Ivrea and Dalmine – a tale of two company towns

The industrial region of Turin-Milan played a central role in the Italian history of labor organisation, relations, and contestation. The FIAT-factories in **Turin** for instance were the focal point of the first large-scale introduction of …

A strategy in search of partners: trade union engagement in workplace innovation

In the wake of the Great Recession and under pressure to find “productivity coalitions” (McLaughlin, 2013), European labor unions in manufacturing sectors are cautiously engaging with strategies of “workplace innovation” and “employee driven …

The shopfloor as setting for lifelong democratic learning

Having a voice at work is linked to broader civic behaviour and attitudes. What does this mean for trade unions and our democratic system?

Collectieve ontslagen: arbeid is niet zomaar een koopwaar

De reacties op het collectief ontslag bij Carrefour zijn doortrokken van een opvallend en disfunctioneel marktdenken over arbeid.

Linking Social Dialogue and the Sustainable Development Goals: Social Dialogue as a Governance Instrument

In this ILO – ITUC Issues Paper we draw on development and labour relations literature to set out an initial framework for the consideration and assessment of how social dialogue can contribute to sustainable development. We start from the …