labor history

Exploring historical maps and spatial data with R and OpenStreetMap

Interactively visualising 19th century proletarian housing in Leuven, the R tidyverse-way.

19th century Leuven: industrialisation, social class-dynamics, and architecture

The industrialization of Leuven in the 19th century was accompanied by rising tensions between social classes. The results of these tensions are still visible in Leuven throughout its architecture and spatial structure, as well as the still-existing …

Ivrea and Dalmine – a tale of two company towns

The industrial region of Turin-Milan played a central role in the Italian history of labor organisation, relations, and contestation. The FIAT-factories in **Turin** for instance were the focal point of the first large-scale introduction of …

VVS Daguitstap 'De Borinage door de ogen van Foucault'

Le Grand Hornu, Le Levant de Flénu, en Bois-du-Luc: de Borinage als vroege site van arbeidsdisciplinering.